As the saying goes...'Use it or lose it'!

Keep your brain stimulated as much as possible both socially and mentally and look after your physical, emotional and dietary needs.

Physical exercise where and when possible is also essential for the whole wellbeing and holistic care.

If you are helping to care for someone with any form of cognitive impairment please realise they are able to do many things only maybe a little differently now than before,...but they can still achieve..and will if you help them to! Dont just 'care', 'share'! Suggest but dont demand. Always offer choices even if its just two, give them some control.,

Enquire about our Carers Course and get equipped to offer the best care you can whilst meeting local care professionals, meeting other people and enjoying some peer support.

Routine and familiarity to people with any form of cognitive impairment are very important and essential to feeling secure, safe and confident.

Aromatherapy can be very calming or rejuvenating for people with cognitive challenges. Lavender to calm is a typical example. Eucalyptus is an energizing scent...there are many that can benefit a person living with an impairment and someone who is acting as their care partner.