December newsletter 2012

5 year Anniversary! Chat is half a decade old!

From idea to paper to action, we are now 5 years on.

Who would have thought it!?!

Your local community Organisation specialising in Cognitive Stimulation

Programmes offering

Group Cognitive Programmes,

Personalised Home Visitor Cognitive Programmes

Unique Training Packages for Individuals, Organisations and Carers

Let’s have a double celebration! ‘Christmas’ and ‘Chat is 5’!!

See details attached

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Cognitive help and therapy December Newsletter 2012

Following on from our Group Sessions we are very happy to report our Home

Visiting Programme has proved very successful to date. We have had excellent

reports from the families we visit and it is as rewarding to our very experienced

team as it is to those they deliver the programmes to. This now only requires our

subsidy of approximately 10%, a fantastic outcome and true reflection on the quality

of delivery from our team.

We are currently looking at two new proposals to add to our portfolio of choices

offered to our members and hope to report back soon with some more positive


As a member of the Programme Steering Committee for a five year project currently

running at UCL, ‘Support at Home – Interventions to Enhance Life in Dementia’

(SHIELD) we are pleased that our involvement has enabled us to offer some valuable

input from our wide experience of facilitation and delivery as well as our expertise in

developing Cognitive Stimulation Programmes. We too have learned many valuable

points to help us further in our work and after receiving a further invitation to extend

our involvement into a different category of therapy, we were very happy to accept.

We are looking forward to holding regular ‘tea and ‘Chat’ter sessions in 2013. These

are for Carers or Support Partners of people living with Dementia or Cognitive

Impairment either at home or in a care facility accompanied by those they care for

or support, or alone. Chat is always about ‘choices’ rather than ‘limitations’ or

‘restrictions’ where possible.

Please contact us for further details


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Cognitive help and therapy December Newsletter 2012

Earlier this year we were delighted to have dates confirmed to train a fabulous caring and professional team at the Age UK, East Grinstead Dementia Support Service Saturday Club. To see the training put into action so sensitively and efficiently was a big highlight in Chats 5 years. The difference it made to their members was instant and the team reported that it made their work even more rewarding and interesting than it already was. Comments included

‘Great day. Loved it!’ and ‘Empowering, bring it on!’

This was followed by a day’s Carer Training which was extremely successful and moving. This is evidenced in some of the feedback from Carers who attended.

‘Very valuable day, thank you’ ‘I thought I was doing things right but our lives begin again from today, thank you.’

Sadly, this wonderful service is now seriously threatened with closure in the near future. It will be a sad waste of a very valuable and unique community service for the area. It offers regular respite and support for carers and a caring, very person centred, multi sensory and therapeutic day for their members. If anyone has any ideas on how to help change this very real possibility, please contact us.

To ensure our Chat Facilitation Team, past and present, deliver our programmes with the same consistency, expertise and understanding in our programmes and facilitation, they have attended training and received a certificate in

‘Cognitive Stimulation Therapy’ by Dr Aimee Spector, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Training in Chats Programmes, Delivery, Multi Sensory Cognitive Stimulation, ‘Chat’ Methodology and Philosophy

We now use our own training methods within the Organisation which is ongoing and has proved to work very well.

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Cognitive help and therapy December Newsletter 2012

We are very proud of our fabulous team and everyone we have trained and advised

in and out of Chat. These include Local Authority staff, Health Care staff, Charity

staff and volunteers. We are also very privileged to have worked with so many

fabulous families in the past years and to have been the first in the area to offer

so many firsts in Cognitive programmes, training and support. We have several team

members trained in an adapted form of Tai Chi which was piloted specifically for

people living with Dementia. This could be delivered seated as well as standing,

done jointly with a relative/friend if wished or by the elderly or less mobile. This was

a very moving project and broke boundaries we couldn’t previously have imagined.

We have been able to use this training in several other areas of our programmes

too and hope to continue to do so.

From this .. to..this...

Some of you may know Chester the ‘Chat’ Dog and we thought you may like to

see how much he has grown! The first photo was taken at his first Chat visit when

he was just three months old and the second one was when he was two and

weighing 83lbs! He still continues to put smiles on peoples faces wherever he goes

and helps to bridge happy memories of pet ownership days for many. He featured in

an article with a great photograph


With Christmas approaching, when many of us will see family members and friends,

please can we ask that you stay tuned for early signs of Dementia or Cognitive

Impairment. It may be a while since you last saw someone and the changes may

be more evident to you than their close family who see them regularly. You may be

able to help with some support or information when the festivities are over. Use any

conversations where ‘memory’ crops up as an opportunity to share your knowledge of

Dementia with others, lets break the taboo and treat it with the interest it needs to


Please also remember a smile, a hello or a visit can go a long way at what is a

very lonely time for some. Dementia is a very isolating condition, you CAN make a

difference. Will you?

TIP: Start learning a new skill to keep your brain in a ‘learning’ and ‘bridging’ mode.

Knitting? Art? A musical instrument? A language? You may make new friends too!

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Cognitive help and therapy December Newsletter 2012

Bills bills bills! Sadly they don’t pay themselves! We are so very grateful for all the

donations and kindness we have been so fortunate to have received over the last

year and we now also have a ‘donate’ button on our website to make donating

easier online through PayPal! Stuck for a idea? Why not give someone the

unique gift of Chats information and support being made available to someone in

need, through a donation? We can send a Gift card and explanation of the work we

do for any donations over £5 for you to give your friend/relative if you wish.

You can find our ‘Donate’ button on our website or if

preferred, we still accept cheques and cash!

You can find us on Twitter @TheChatTeam where we have been active in working

with fabulous people and organisations to change the face of Dementia care and

awareness #dementiachallengers

Be friends with us on Facebook ‘CognitiveHelp AndTherapy’

Please ‘Like’ our Facebook page ‘Cognitive help and therapy (Chat)

Tel: 07970994886 Email: Please continue to support us

‘Raising awareness. Changing minds’

‘Helping people to help themselves’

‘So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is


Helen Keller

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Cognitive help and therapy December Newsletter 2012

2 great reasons to celebrate!!!

Chat is half a decade old and it’s Christmas!

So please join us for Afternoon Tea and ‘Chat’-ter

We would love to see as many ‘Chat people’ as possible! Past and present!

Please also tell anyone you know who is living with Dementia or Cognitive Impairment,

either personally or through care giving. Spread the word. They will be very welcome!

Wednesday afternoon 12/12/12 anytime between 2.15 and 4.15 pm

Holy Trinity Church Hall, Rushams Road, Horsham. RH12 2NT (North Parade end)

Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks, Sandwiches, Cakes

Stocking filler stall, Tombola, Handmade Christmas cards

Music, Smiles, Good Company, Information

Tel: 07970994886 (answer phone)